Board Meetings

Board Meetings

The Board holds regular meetings once a month on the second Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. at the District Office according to the posted schedule:  1261 Metz Road, Soledad, CA 93960.

Notices of all meetings, both regular and special, are posted at the District Office, 1261 Metz Road Soledad, CA 93960 and on the district’s website at  in advance of the meetings.

All meetings are open to the public with the exception of “Closed Sessions,” which may be held to discuss confidential personnel matters, matters pertaining to an individual student, labor negotiations and legal matters. Currently, Special meetings are open to the public; however, only business for which the meeting was called can be discussed.

Currently, meetings are being held in hybrid format.  Trustees and presenters participate in-person or virtually. Members of the public may view the meeting via Zoom and Facebook.

2023 Board Meeting Dates updated 6.22.2023

2023 Board Meeting Agenda's and Minutes


2020-2021 Board Meeting Agenda's and Minutes

Meeting Agenda for December 10, 2020:

Agenda for the Oath of Office 12.10.20 English

Agenda for the Oath of Office 12.10.20 Spanish 

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