LCAP-LCFF Resouces

Under the new funding rules, school districts are required to adopt Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) that describe the actions, services and expenditures that support student growth. The LCAP clarifies how programs/services will be measurably improved in quantity or quality, proportionate to the increase in funding. The LCAP is a three-year plan that must be adopted each year, and updated each year.

2022-2023 LCAP

2022-2023 Local Control and Accountability Plan

2022-2023 Resumen Presupuestario LCFF para los Padres

2021-2022 LCAP

2021-22 LCAP Accountability Plan

2021 Local Control and Accountability Plan/LCP Update

2021  Federal Addendum

2020-2021 LCAP

2020 LCAP COVID Operations Written Report (English) (Spanish)

20-21 Local Control and Accountability Plan (Annual Update)

2020 Local Control and Accountability Plan

2019-2020 LCAP

19-20 Budget Overview for Parents

19-20 LCAP Federal ESSA Addendum

19-20 Board Approved LCAP & Annual Update

19-20 LCAP Infographics

LCAP Goals

15-15 LCAP Infographic


18-19 LCAP Executive Summary


Web Site Post SUSD LCAP Stakeholder Engagement 2-9-2018

SP Web Site Post SUSD LCAP Stakeholder Engagement

2018-2019 LCAP

SUSD LCAP District Wide Meetings 2019

18-19 Board Approved LCAP

Board and County Approved LCAP for 2017-2018:

17-18 LCAP Goals 1-6
17-18 LCAP Plus Annual Review
2017-20 Spanish- LCAP Report
2017-2018 2nd Quarterly Report [English]  [Spanish]


14-15 Budget
16-17 Budget
16-17 Budget Supplementals Forms