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Moving to Soledad?

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Here’s Why You Should Choose the Soledad Unified School District

Situated amongst the natural beauty and rich history of the Salinas Valley, Soledad is truly a special place to live, work, and learn. If you have recently moved or are currently moving to our community, welcome! And, if you are interested in enrolling your children in school, we'd like to invite you to learn more about all the Soledad Unified School District has to offer.

Check out these five great reasons to choose SUSD:

  1. A forward-thinking school district
    • Soledad USD delivers an exceptional educational experience for our students, who have access to a wide variety of opportunities that prepare them for success in college, in their careers, and as global citizens. We ensure a culture of excellence for every student. 
    • Our curriculum and instruction actively engages students in the classroom, inspiring them to be inquisitive learners and effective collaborators, creators, and critical thinkers. 
  2. A safe, welcoming and accepting learning environment
    • In Soledad USD, we encourage students to be inclusive and accepting—by first making them feel included and accepted. We teach students to be critical thinkers so that they can continue their self-guided education beyond our schools. 
    • SUSD schools are safe and secure learning environments that allow students to fully explore their interests, whatever they may be.
    • We are also committed to timely and transparent communication and keeping our families, students, and staff informed about academics, school climate, district finances, and other issues of interest to them. We are culturally responsive communicators who are committed to greater awareness and knowledge of cultural differences. 
  3. Incredible teachers and staff
    • Our teachers and other certificated, classified, and administrative staff are phenomenal at what they do. They are regularly recognized for the outstanding educational experiences they provide to our students, using creativity, innovation, and technology in ever-evolving ways. 
    • Soledad USD employs nearly 300 teachers and staff members, many of whom have advanced degrees.
  4. Exceptional co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities
    • Our students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities, including athletics, academic clubs, community service groups, academic competitions and more. These experiences build students’ confidence even further and broadens their overall education.
  5. Commitment to students’ social-emotional health
    • Soledad USD is a place where students can truly reach their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical potential while celebrating diversity, individual talents, and efforts. We promote collaboration, caring, respect, and leadership. Students graduate prepared to create meaningful and productive lives in a global society.
    • We support the social-emotional intelligence and well-being of our students, building their confidence and fostering resiliency as they move from one grade to the next.